At the opening of each file, clear agreements are made concerning the fees due for our intervention, which are immediately confirmed in writing.

Our conditions

At the opening of each file, clear agreements are made concerning the fees due for our intervention, which are immediately confirmed in writing.

The size of the fee naturally depends on the amount of work the proper handling of your file will require. And this parameter is not always known in advance, in part because it depends on the intensity with which the other involved parties respond to our arguments.

Broadly speaking, we use three fee systems: fixed, hourly, or by the so-called value rate. Fixed rates are principally used only for simple routine tasks concerning subscriptions.

In the collection of payments or in case of resistance against the aforementioned collection, the value rate can be used, whereby the fee is calculated as a percentage of the value of the dispute. This percentage decreases as the value of the dispute increases and is calculated by band:

band up to 7.500,- euro : 15 %
band up to 25.000,- euro : 10 %
band up to 100.000,- euro : 8%
band up to 250.000,- euro : 6%
over 250.000,- euro : 4%

These percentages are increased by 50% when, following proceedings in first instance, an appeal procedure must also be conducted.
They can be reduced in the context of a subscription system.

The hourly rate is calculated based on the time spent on the file, which is registered on a computer. The hourly rate is agreed upon in advance for each individual file and is dependent on the importance of the case, the difficulty, any potential urgency and finally the experience or expertise of the lawyer handling the case

As a result, the hourly rate typically ranges from 150,- to 300,- euro. In some cases it is also possible for a lower base amount to be charged that, in case of a favourable outcome, is increased to a success fee which has also been agreed upon in advance.

Office costs are charged at a fixed rate of 25,- euro for the opening of a file, plus 15,- per sheet produced by our word processor for the file and all costs that the office must pay to third parties in order to be able to handle your file (such as court fees, bailiff fees, court expert fees etc.)

For the services which are to be provided and the expenses which are to be made, AD­VO­CANT demands one or more commissions, which are settled with the client upon completion of their file.

We strive to give you the best possible service. Should you have any complaints, please signal them at, which takes each complaint to heart and promptly responds to them.

All lawyers of AD­VO­CANT belong to the Bar of Antwerp and are as such also under the disciplinary supervision of the Bâtonnier of this Order, whose cabinet is located at the courthouse in 2000 Antwerp on Bolivarplaats 20/15, tel. (+32)3-260.72.50, fax nr. (+32)3-260.72.71,

AD­VO­CANT has insured the professional liability of its associates for the amount of 5.000.000 euro. The liability of its employees (for the files that are not handled for the office) is insured for the amount of 2.500.000 euro.

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