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Jo De Meester obtained his licentiate’s degree in Law with distinction from the University of Leuven on 13 July 1988. On 1 September 1988 he was sworn in as a lawyer by the Court of Appeal of Antwerp, with Jo Stevens as his internship supervisor.

After his apprenticeship he remained an associate of the office Nelis – Stevens – Samyn – Grootjans, where he later became a partner.

Besides commercial and financial law, he has also built up a strong reputation for media law, personal and family law, construction law as well as in an entirely different area: criminal law.

He made his debut in the criminal courtroom alongside the former President of Bar Dirk Grootjans and has ever since assisted several defendants, defending them before the criminal chambers of several Courts of First Instance and several Courts of Appeal, as well as before several Courts of Assizes.

In construction matters, confronted with technical aspects and expertises, his working knowledge of the construction process comes in very handy.

Although the Belgian media landscape is not comparable with for example the English one, also in Belgium the number of media law court cases continues to grow.
Together with his partners, associates and employees he strives to offer a complete package of services to SME’s, preferably with the aim of achieving a quick and amicable settlement.

Jo De Meester was a board member of the Antwerp Bar for several years. He is also a Deputy Judge and a member of the Belgian Luxembourg Union for Criminal Law, Lawyers without Borders and Alumni Lovaniensis.


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